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Nutrition at its Best Starts Here...
it's Simply Superior!

Official site from the formulators of HS-35, Sandstone, MN

Hs35 Horse Supplement
Hs35 equine supplement
Hs35 nutrition for horses
Hs35 vitamin & mineral supplement

Balanced nutrition is critical for every stage of your horse's life.  

Overall health, quality of life and performance are determined by the horse's system being in balance. 

Start with HS-35

 A balanced vitamin & mineral equine supplement, that contains all 10 essential amino acids,  selenium yeast, biotin & hoof supporting minerals, prebiotics and probiotics.

Expertly formulated for all classes of horses...

Endorsed, sold & fed by veterinarians, farriers, trainers & horse lovers everywhere

... any age, any size, any discipline.

Hs35 vitamin & minerals for horses
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