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Frequently asked Questions...

Why should I feed HS-35?

In order to obtain peek performance, give our horses the ability to reach their genetic potential and be healthy... good nutrition is a must!  Nutrition affects every system in your horse:

  • Digestive

  • Circulatory

  • Endrocrine

  • Immune

  • Musculosketal

  • Reproductive

But my commercial feed has vitamins & minerals...

While it may, most commercial feeds have went through processes involving heat and moisture or may be a by-product of some sort, that can affect raw nutrient availability.  Unless a high quality chelated mineral source is used, those nutritients may never reach their point of absorption, rendering them useless to your horse.  HS-35 is a supplement containing quality "bio-available" nutrients.

How do I feed HS-35?

HS-35 can be fed simply alone or as a top dress.  It is fed according to the individual horse's weight.  The daily serving for a 1000 lb. horse is one heaping cup.  HS-35 comes in a 50 lb. bag with convenient serving cup enclosed.  The 50 lb. bag is a 100 day supply for a 1000 lb. horse.   It can be fed at one serving or split depending on your preference.

I have a "picky" eater...

We hear this one alot!  The majority of horses love HS-35 and will clean every last bit from their feed tub.  Sometimes horses just need to get a little taste, as the granular form is different then they are used to eating.


Can I feed HS-35 in group feedings?  

Yes.  Group feedings can be managed with either individual buckets or long troughs, just as you may feed your grain.  The "alpha" horse my get an extra bite or two, but a little bit won't hurt them.  Ideally, feeding HS-35 individually is best, but many of our customers feed in group settings.

Feeding grain with HS-35...

Some horses don't need any extra calories, therefore HS-35 can simply be fed alone. For those horses that do, our preference is whole oats.  We like to see what our horses are eating!  They are natural.  We say "whole oats" as the intact kernel is needed to receive the natural fat content of the whole grain.  We would also like to point out, the NHC (National Horse Council) recommends oats!   Oats belong to the best and most popular grain for horses and are considered the "safest".  The starch in oats is easily digested for the horse, which minimizes the potential for undigested starches to reach the hind gut.  Most commercial feeds are made with by-products and contain hydrogenated fats. 

Can I feed HS-35 to HYPP horses?

Yes.  We have many customers that feed HS-35 to their HYPP horses and have for years.  

Can I feed more HS-35 than the recommended amount?

More is not better.  Intakes above requirements do not improve performance or make your horse healthier, which means you would be wasting your money.  A surplus in some instances, can be as dangerous as a deficiency.  It is also important to remember that some ingredients, such as Selenium, if fed in excess long term, can have a toxic affect.  There is a built in safety factor, so please feed the recommended amount.

Why should I also provide free choice salt?

While HS-35 does contain Sodium & Chloride (Salt), every horse has their "own individual need" for salt.   Horses need salt!  The amount needed can be larger than we think, especially if they're working hard, the weather is hot or if most of their forage comes from green pasture, as green pasture at times, can be too high in Potassium.  With the intake of salt, it stimulates thirst which encourages more water consumption.  This in turn may help correct electrolyte imbalances, as it helps to excrete excess Potassium and restore normal nerve & muscle function.

Our preference is Redmond Salt.   Also make sure to provide fresh water at all times.

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