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Essential for horse owners everywhere... at home, at shows, on the trail or traveling

The "911" for Rapid Colic Relief and so much more!

  • Immediate Response rapidly restores digestive balance

  • Veterinarian recommended

Excellent defense to help strengthen the GI tract       Natural & Safe      No Medication

  • Colic

  • Scours

  • Gut ache

  • Illness

  • Heat exhaustion

  • Stressors such as hauling, temperature, confined space, physical trauma

  • Exposure to moldy hay or forage

  • Diarrhea

  • Feed Allergies

  • Blister beetles

  • Mycotoxins

  • Feed intolerance

  • Medicinal reactions

  • Exercise induced "bleeders"

  • Heaves

  • Chronic intestinal disturbances

For relief  from symptoms of:
Compatible with Antibiotics... Each strain is tested for ability to survive and grow in the presence of OVER 40 antibiotics!  Can be used with antibiotics & NSAIDS, after foaling and worming, during illness... to name a few.
Great for Mares & Foals... Administer to mares immediately after foaling as well as to the newborn foal!  Feed entire tube during crisis to a 1000 lb. horse; Other, 10 ml. per 100 lbs. of body weight.

Immediate Response is manufactured by Ortho Equine

Check out ProBalance for the daily feed form of Immediate Response

" Thank you again for turning me on to the benefits of Immediate Response!  I've used this product for any number of ailments or preventative treatments the last 8 years or so.  Anything from foal heat diarrhea in newborns to young weanlings before they ship or go to a show and any age horse that may have an upset digestive system.

Immediate Response came to the rescue on Monday this week.  I did chores in the dark Sunday night and fed some hay I bought in large squares.  Come to find out the next morning, there was a patch of mold in the hay that I missed in the dark!

When I did morning chores I found a colicky gelding, down and rolling and a mare with shooting diarrhea.  I gave the gelding a whole tube of Immediate Response and the mare 1/2 tube.  The gelding showed improvement within 20 minutes and within the hour was back eating a little hay.  Two hours later he acted like normal, eating like I never feed him enough!

The mare I treated again at noon and 5 with 1/2 tube each time...her stools returned to normal by 8 PM.  The only thing I should have done differently with her, was to give her a whole tube right away!

I love Immediate Response!  Saves vet calls, returns their digestion to normal and helps prevent stomach upset when they are stressed.  Nothing can fix every ailment a horse may have, but this product is well worth having on hand to possibly correct an imbalance in their system and prevent things from progressing into a life threatening emergency!

The 2 1/2 tubes I used, cost less then one vet trip call to my farm!  In waiting for vets, it could be 20 minutes to hours that your horse may not have!

I had my doubts when I started using this product, BUT it has proven itself over and over again to me!

Thank you Faye and ProfitPro for such a wonderful product!"

Diane Tegtmeier

For more info on Immediate Response

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