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Chia for Horses

The "Gold Standard" of Omega 3's !

For All Breeds & Ages of Horses

Digestive System

  • Promotes healthy intestinal tract

  • Helps prevent sand colic

  • Promotes healthier skin & coat

  • Easy digestibility; highly palatable

  • Helps regulate blood sugar spikes

  • Non-GMO; Gluten Free

  • May help soothe ulcers

  • Insulin-Resistance (IR) horses

  • Pre-Cushings & Cushings Syndrome

  • Helps boost the immune system

  • 3:1 Omega 3, anti-inflammatory

  • Low NSC; cool energy source

  • Low sugar, starch & sodium

  • Slowly processed carbs

  • Rich in antioxidants & minerals

  • Helps maintain electrolyte balance

  • No mechanical/chemical processing

  • High protein quality

  • Pesticide/chemical free

  • Rich in fiber

  • Long shelf life


  • Anti-Allergenic properties

Musculoskeletal System

  • ​Helps maintain supple joints & connective tissues

  • Helps repair & maintain cellular walls

  • Promotes stronger hooves

  • Supports bone growth & strength

  • Assists in the development of nervous system, brain, muscles and skeleton

  • May help ease arthritic conditions

Reproductive System

  • Helps balance hormones, ease estrus cycles and inflammation​

Recommended Feeding Rates:  Top dress 2-4 ounces daily

Case Studies

In November 2010, ProfitPro, LLC, Albert Lea, MN, began using the combination of Chia and HS-35 in several equine applications and, to date, has found a variety of beneficial qualities for many issues currently seen in the equine industry from years of feeding practices that are not always advantageous to the horse. 

  • It should also be noted that there is a difference between therapeutic and maintenance dosages of Chia.  Also, depending on the issue and the individual, it may take several months to see any changes or differences.

  • Understand that all of these horses were given BOTH Chia & HS-35 and the combination is, what is believed to be the determining factor.  

The following, while strictly anecdotal, show remarkable results!

Again, this is all anecdotal,  but the ramifications could be of tremendous importance. ​  It must be taken into account, each horse is an individual and may or may not react in the same manner.  Thus far, along with the case studies, it's been noted:

  • An Insulin Resistant Mare completely changed when Chia was added to her diet.  Changes did not begin until nearly 4 months in at 4 oz. a day.  Maintenance is now 2 oz. daily.

  • A mare with severe bug allergies, swell up with big welts during bug season.   She received 2 oz. of Chia daily starting in November the Fall before trial.  Mare completely free of the bug allergies.

  • A mare difficult to get in foal and normally needed Regumate to stay in foal... have tests show 1,000 blood count (300 is border line) while on the Chia.  She received 4 oz. daily for 5 months and then reduced to 2 oz. daily.

  • Significant relief for horses with Uveitis has also been reported.

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